Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Coliseum: Updated

Gladiator, originally uploaded by Zodiacs Around The World.

The Coliseum in Rome, Italy. Google Map.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Site Update: Hiatus and New Contest (Updated)

It seems like ages since my last update or post to Zodiacs Around The World, so I apologize to those of you who visit on a regular basis. I've been extremely busy and recently went on a much-needed old-world vacation with my wife for two weeks of R&R. My Zodiac tagged along with us to our far-away destination, so keep an eye out for a new addition to the Zodiacs Around the World photo gallery. Some of you might recognize a certain famous landmark from a certain Russell Crowe movie.

If you're a Zodiac owner and you'd like to see this site updated with frequent additions, I need your help. Please submit your photos to help keep this site alive and updated on a regular basis!

Here's a little motivation for you in case you need a reason to take out your Zodiac and digital camera and snap some shots...

1. Take some Zodiacs Around The World themed photos. Please see the submission guidelines.
2. Sign up for a free Flickr! account if you aren't a current Flickr! member.
3. Join the Zodiacs Around The World Group.
4. Send your photo(s) to the group.
5. Send me an email naming the now-obvious landmark depicted in my travel photo as seen above.

Send as many photos as you like to the group pool. You only get one guess per person, so please play fair (no multiple Flickr! accounts, please).The first two people who do all of the above and name the landmark correctly will get a free upgrade to a Flickr! Pro account for one year, courtesy of me and the kind folks at Flickr. The two winners as well as the next three runners-up will receive a free Metal Styli Zodiac Bolt Stylus, which are no longer made.

The new contest deadline is 11:59PM EDT on Sunday, June 26, 2005.

Good Luck!

Close to the Edge

Swan Lake, originally uploaded by Zodiacs Around The World.

In celebration of "phase zero" of Edge Beta, here's a repost of a submission by R. Zane Rutledge on the edge of Lake Austin in Austin, Texas, USA.