Sunday, March 13, 2005

Put Yourself On The Map


Those map links on the right side of the page are a great way to see where Zodiac users are located around the world. When a photo is submitted, the location is geocoded to get latitude and longitude information, pinpointing each photo with a red dot on Mikel Maron's Flickr photo mapping service, Mapping Flickr. For photos submitted in the U.S., tags are used describing the location and Mappr does the rest. These maps are interactive: You can pan, zoom in, and click on individual photos for thumbnail views and more details.

If you're the first person to submit a photo from a country, you'll put that country's flag in the "Photos By Country" section where photos are grouped using tags in Flickr. If you don't see your flag displayed, show some national pride and make a submission! If your country's flag is already flying, post a photo to add your country's group and the worldwide group of Zodiac Users.

It's time to put yourself on the map. Send in your photos and please provide a location including a street intersection, city, state, zip code and country, or actual coordinates if you have them. If you aren't comfortable giving an exact location, please feel free to use the largest nearby city or town instead. Doing so will put your photos on the maps and show the world that Zodiac users are everywhere.


Updated: 3/14/05