Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Welcome to Zodiacs Around The World!

Hi, my name is Brian and I'm a Tapwave Zodiac owner. I'm also a staff writer at Tapland, a website owned and created by Scott Raulinaitis and dedicated to the Zodiac. I created this site as place where Zodiac owners can submit and share their photos. Zodiac owners take their faithful digital companions with them wherever they go, whether it's around their hometown, on vacation at an exotic location, visiting a famous landmark, or anywhere in between. They're a proud bunch, more numerous and widespread than you'd think. Zodiac owners aren't afraid to show off and use their Zodiacs in public, whether it's checking email, listening to MP3s while sipping away at a cappuccino, or enjoying some wireless multiplayer action with a group of fellow Zodiac owners.

Zodiacs Around The World will serve as a family photo album for Zodiac enthusiasts, a place where they can display their Zodiac in the wild and share photos with other dedicated Zodiac users from around the world. This site was inspired by the user-submitted photo galleries at Newtons Around The World, iPods Around The World, and the AlphaSmart Customer Gallery.

So, it's time to show off your Zodiac to the world and prove that Zodiac owners are everywhere. Please see the submission guidelines and send them in!