Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Submission Guidelines

Have a picture of your Zodiac that you'd like have posted in the Zodiacs Around The World gallery? Please adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. Snap some photos of you and your Zodiac somewhere in the world, inside or outside, the more interesting the better. Please refer to iPods Around The World and Newtons Around The World for examples and ideas.
  2. All submitted images should be either high quality JPEG, TIFF, or native Photoshop (.PSD) formats. Please, no GIF images. Image dimensions should be 640 X 480 or bigger.
  3. Please provide a short description for each photo, and provide a location including the city, state, and country and zip code if possible. GPS coordinates would also be cool. This will put your photo on the map at Mappr! (for the US) as well as the worldwide map.
  4. Tell us your name as you'd like it to appear with your photos. If you have a personal website you'd like to include, please supply the URL and we'll link it to your name.
  5. Send your submissions to zodiacsaroundtheworld[at]gmail.com. Your email address will remain private.
  6. Obscene or inappropriate material, and fake or falsified photos will not be published.
  7. Photos submitted by email become the property of Zodiacs Around The World.
Flickr Users: Upload your photo(s) to your photostream, then tag them with your town/city, state, and country along with the tags "zodiacusers" and "mappr". Combine two words like "New Jersey" into one word "newjersey". Join the Zodiacs Around The World Group, then add each photo you'd like to send to the Zodiacs Around The World Group Pool by clicking "Send to Group" above your photo. Please only send photos to the group that have the "Zodiacs Around The World" theme.

Last Updated: 2/20/05